Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain refers to a persistent pain in your pelvic region. Generally, pelvic pain is a symptom of another disease, but it can be diagnosed as a condition of its own. The source of the pain is sometimes difficult to determine, but it can be treated. The characteristics of pelvic pain can range from dull achy steady pains to sharp, cramping pains that are intermittent. You may also experience pain while having a bowel movement, during intercourse or while sitting. Some common causes for pelvic pain include: endometriosis, fibroids, irritable bowel syndrome and ovarian remnant just to name a few.

If you are experiencing pelvic pain, please contact us to schedule an examination. This thorough examination will help us attempt to determine the cause of the pelvic pain and develop a personalized treatment plan for you whether that involves simple pain management, physical therapy or surgery.