Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery is any surgical procedure which relies on a laparoscope, a thin metal device which helps the surgeon to see inside the abdominal cavity. The surgeon will typically make a small incision in or near the navel, and insert the laparoscope through the incision. Using attached optics, the surgeon can see an enhanced image through the end of the thin metal rod, which also illuminates the area inside the abdomen. Then, a number of operations can be performed by using various attachments to the laparoscope, such as scissors, a laser, a sonic scalpel or many others. Laparoscopic surgery is a very effective and as minimally invasive an operation as possible, and the recovery time for laparoscopy is markedly low. Laparoscopes may also be used in conjunction with other surgical procedures or devices to increase the efficiency or effectiveness of other abdominal surgeries.